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Enhance Your Property with Low Country Craftsman Fencing & Decking Services

At Low Country Craftsman, we understand that a fence offers solitude, improves security, and makes a big visual impact on your property. It does much more than just mark off borders. Our custom fencing services are made to match your unique requirements. Our deck building service provides expanded living space or better access to your backyard pool. We provide a range of materials and designs to go with the design and landscaping of your house, guaranteeing the ideal fusion of style and utility.

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Fencing and Decking Services Overview

From the first design to the last installation, we offer complete fencing and deck building services that also include continuing maintenance and repair. Whether you want to define property lines, improve curb appeal, or safeguard your garden, we can handle a wide range of fencing needs. For your decking needs we will design your new deck according to your needs and features you desire for your outdoor space. Low Country Craftsmen is committed to providing fencing and decking solutions that live up to your expectations and increase the value of your property. They do this by putting a strong emphasis on high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Types of Fencing


Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is an ageless option that enhances any landscape with its natural beauty and architectural adaptability. Our wood fences are treated and built to endure the elements and provide long-lasting beauty, from privacy fences that create a private refuge to decorative picket fences that add character to your property.

Vinyl Fencing

An attractive and low-maintenance alternative that lasts year after year is vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are a great option for any property looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing fencing solution because they are resistant to weathering, decay, and pests. They are also available in a variety of styles and colors.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing has the beautiful appearance of wrought iron, yet it requires less upkeep. Aside from their strength and elegance, aluminum fences are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for enclosing patios, gardens, and swimming pools.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a useful, affordable way to define property boundaries and improve security. Chain link fences are a great choice for both residential and commercial settings since they are visible, long-lasting, and can be customized with privacy slats or a vinyl coating to match your landscaping.

Iron Fencing

Iron fencing is a popular option with its low maintenance, ornamental or clean simple designs, and durability. Iron fences are often called 100-year fences due to its durability and with proper care your iron fence could last generations.

Types of Decking


Wood Decks

Wood decks offer timeless beauty and natural warmth, perfect for creating a rustic outdoor retreat. With proper maintenance, they can withstand years of use and weather exposure, providing a classic and cost-effective option for enhancing your outdoor living space.

Composite Decks

Composite decks combine the natural look of wood with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of synthetic materials. Resistant to rot, mold, and insects, composite decking is ideal for homeowners seeking a long-lasting and eco-friendly solution that requires minimal upkeep, ensuring more time spent enjoying the deck and less time on maintenance tasks.

Pool Decks

Pool decks crafted from durable materials like concrete, pressure treated wood, or composite offer slip-resistant surfaces and exceptional durability, making them perfect for poolside lounging and entertaining. Designed to withstand constant exposure to water and sunlight, pool decks provide a safe and stylish extension of your outdoor oasis, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your backyard retreat.

Gazebos & More

Creating backyards that are a getaway from the business of life can be enhanced by adding custom swings, a trellis, gazebos, porches, patio covers and much more. Make your backyard s place for conversation and family dining.

Fencing and Deck Installation Process

Consultation and Design

We start the process with a one-on-one meeting to learn about your preferences and needs for fence or deck. We talk about styles, materials, and functions to make sure the design fits your needs and your vision for your property.

Site Preparation and Installation

We take great care to ensure that the installation location is ready, following local zoning regulations and providing precise measurements. After that, we will build your fence or deck using premium components and methods, paying close attention to accuracy and longevity to guarantee a faultless finish.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

We perform a thorough check of the fence or deck after it is finished to make sure it satisfies our high standards for quality and craftsmanship and that it meets your expectations. We also tidy up the installation site so that your property looks better than it did when we started the project

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Fencing and Deck Maintenance and Repair

For your fence or deck to stay in excellent shape, Low Country Craftsman provides thorough upkeep and repair services. To make sure your project keeps its functionality and beauty over time, we offer regular inspections to spot and treat wear and tear as well as repair services for any damage.

Schedule Your Fencing or Deck Project

A well-installed fence or deck from Low Country Craftsman will enhance your property. Give us a call right now to start your next project. From the beginning to the end, our staff is dedicated to offering knowledgeable advice, excellent craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. To arrange a consultation, contact us by phone, email, or through our website. Let us help you transform your property with the ideal fencing and deck solution.

FAQs for Fencing and Decking Services

What types of fencing and deck materials does Low Country Craftsman offer?

Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link are just a few of the fencing materials and for decking some options are wood, aluminum, and composite. Low Country Craftsman provides a variety of materials to suite the budget and to meet a variety of needs and tastes. Every material has advantages, such as wood’s inherent beauty and adaptability and vinyl and aluminum’s durability and easy maintenance. We’ll go over the benefits of each material during our consultation and assist you in selecting the finest choice for your home.

How long does it typically take to install new fences and decks?

The length of the fence, the kind of materials utilized, and the topography of your land are some of the variables that might affect how long a fencing job takes. For a deck it really depends on the design and size of the deck. Once installation starts, most residential fence projects are finished in one to three days on average and decks can run about a week. We will give you a thorough schedule prior to beginning the work in an effort to cause as little disturbance as possible to your everyday schedule.

Can Low Country Craftsman help with fence and deck design?

Yes! We are skilled designers based on years of experience. We can assist in realizing your fencing and deck ideas. Whether you need ideas or have a specific design in mind, we’ll work directly with you to build a fence or deck that fulfills your practical requirements and enhances the beauty of your property.

Do I need a permit to install a fence or deck on my property?

Installing a fence typically calls for a permit, but decks vary, however specific localities may have different requirements. Low Country Craftsman can help you secure the required permits for your project because we are knowledgeable about the local zoning rules and permit procedures. We guarantee that every task complies with regional laws, giving you comfort and a simple installation procedure.

How can I schedule fencing or deck consultation with Low Country Craftsman?

Contacting Low Country Craftsman to schedule a fencing or deck consultation is easy. You can email us the specifics of your project, call us, or use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. Our staff will get back to you right away to go over your project requirements and set up a consultation time that works for you. We will evaluate your property, go over your alternatives, and provide you a comprehensive project estimate during the consultation.